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Tokyo Gas Australia has become the first Japanese company in Australia to receive carbon neutral certification for its Australian offices

Tokyo Gas Australia has become the first Japanese company in Australia to achieve carbon neutral certification from Climate Active*¹

As part of our efforts to achieve net zero emissions in Australia, we have achieved carbon neutrality by purchasing and cancelling carbon credits corresponding to CO2 e emitted by Tokyo Gas Australia's corporate activities (offices in Perth and Brisbane*² ) during the period from January 2020 to December 2020. We are continually exploring opportunities to reduce the carbon footprint such as reduce energy consumption, promote recycling activities, and purchase high efficiency energy equipment.

In its management vision "Compass 2030", Tokyo Gas Group has set forth the challenge of reducing CO2 emissions to net zero throughout the Group's business activities. We will continue to promote efforts to reduce the environmental impact on a global scale through initiatives in Japan and overseas.

Find us on Tokyo Gas Australia | Climate Active for more information.

*¹ :Based on Climate Active website (As of 31 st August 2021)

*² :Brisbane office was closed in March 2020

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Climate Active is a voluntary carbon neutral certification administered by the Australian government to certify businesses and organisations that are measuring, reducing, and offsetting their emissions.

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